Water Test

Water Test

SCAN – No visual reading required. Use the free app to scan the strip for testing and get the readings

CHECK – The app indicates if the values are in appropriate range for pool water

SAVE – App stores your readings/data (account registration required)


Product Features

Standard Water Test Strips

SPARK Water Test System with Mobile App

Reading Method



Suggestion on Pool Chemicals



Recommendation of Chemicals to Buy


✔ w/App)

Ease of Use and Instant Results



Spark Pool W-5P

Hassle Free, Quick & Economical

  • Quick and exact measurement of your water chemical levels in 30 seconds

5 Tests in One

  • 5-in-1 water test kit for Pool and Spa for Free Chlorine, pH, total Hardness, total Alkalinity, and Cyanuric acid

Fast, Free, and Convenient Smartphone mobile app

  • No visual colour chart reading required with associated app. Easy-to-use smartphone test system app, Spark Water available in iOS and Android

Trend Monitoring and Product Recommendation in App

  • Build historical trends that helps to improve consistency in maintaining your spa or pool chemical balance